Book “In Different voices. Families of Choice in Poland”

Joanna Mizielińska, Justyna Struzik and Agnieszka Król published a book
Różnym Głosem. Rodziny z wyboru w Polsce [In Different voices. Families of Choice in Poland], Wydawnictwo PWN 2017
The book “In Different voices. Families of Choice in Poland” aims to provide a sociological, polyphonic portrait of queer kinship in Poland on the basis of the narratives shared by family members, e.g. lesbian mothers and gay fathers, their children, as well as their families of origin, and older gays and lesbians. In order to include various standpoints in the study, focus group interviews were conducted as part of the broader research project “Families of Choice in Poland”, where quantitative methods, discourse analysis, ethnographic and IDI were employed as research approaches. The presented, based on focus group interviews study is motivated by the research questions regarding roles, practices and identities performed by family members in everyday life, relations between queer families and their families of origin, strategies of constructing visibility, as well as maintaining and strengthening family ties in the context of inaccessibility of a legal recognition for the families of choice.
roznym glosem okladka